Why 3CX as a Virtual PBX Over Other Hosted Solutions?

Since technology started making its way towards the cloud, a whole array of virtual products have graced the business software and solutions market. When it comes to choosing a virtual PBX for your business, and with so many vendors claiming to offer the perfect solution, it can be a daunting task just narrowing down a shortlist of possible contenders. After all, this is your business and any major change that requires initial investment needs to be worth it.

Bearing in mind that traditional hardware based PBXs and PSTN lines are hastily approaching extinction, the move to internet telephony is a necessary change that one would be wise to make sooner rather than later. And, as a Windows-based solution, you might want to take a look at what else 3CX Phone System has to offer.

3CX Phone System is specifically built for Windows Server 2012. Being Windows-based means that administrators can leverage their existing knowledge and will therefore need no additional training to learn a new OS or software platform. This makes the phone system much easier to configure and manage as a hosted solution in comparison to Linux-based, multi-tenant phone systems. For all businesses, but particularly for the smaller to mid-sized companies, this is a huge bonus. The time and money spent on training can be costly but with a Windows-based system this can be avoided.

Until now, virtual PBXs have been limited in their feature set, which has been a turnoff for many companies who wish to implement a well-rounded, sophisticated and advanced unified communications solution. With 3CX Phone System however, this is not the case. We offer for you to enjoy, a fully virtualized 3CX Phone System instance complete with the myriad of advanced features that the 3CX on-premise version is well-known for. The phone system runs each instance fully virtualized and completely separate from that of other tenants. Unlike with multi-account systems, this means that whatever happens on one customer’s account, i.e. any applications that the customer may run, will never affect the 3CX Phone System virtual instance run by other customers.

Another great advantage of a 3CX Phone System, is that we are able to offer both an on-premise and hosted solution.

Finally, and most importantly, there’s the cost factor. Traditionally, both on-premise and hosted software PBXs have been charged at a per user, per extension, per month rate. Understandably, with such a price model, the overall costs each month are going to add up rather quickly. 3CX Phone System, however, has foregone this expensive pricing strategy and instead offers simple, transparent and affordable pricing per month or year based on the number of simultaneous calls. Users and extensions are unlimited.

It’s safe to say that 3CX Phone System as a Hosted PBX is a unique offering in the virtual PBX market, giving SMBs as well as enterprises a cost-effective and reliable communications solution. Of course, being open standards means that with a variety of compatible SIP trunks and IP phones available, the perfect tailor-made solution can be developed for any business.

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