VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a service that allows you to make and receive voice calls via your internet connection, rather than that of traditional copper phone lines (such as Telkom).

With VoIP you can replace your outdated analogue phone with a IP VoIP Phone or PBX System.

VoIP lines come with their own number that you can make use of or you can port your existing number and continue using it as normal with the added benefit of another number for fail over giving you further redundancy.

Why Choose MULTi VoIP?

Save on Your Telephone Bill

Enjoy free on network calls and enjoy a really reduced rate for all local, national and cellular calls. With Telkom, you will pay up to R0.63 per minute for local and national while being charged up to R1.30 per minute to mobile numbers. With our VoIP offering we will slash your phone bill.

Improved Stability

Say goodbye to the unpredictability of copper cabling. The use of VoIP services over a Fibre line ensures that you are always connected. We have a world class data centre that ensure your line is always connected.

No More Telkom

You deal with our renowned award winning support. If you choose to transfer your current landline, you can say goodbye to your current provider. Everything you will need to use your VoIP phone can be done by our highly qualified and efficient technical staff. Test us and see our response time for yourself. 011 435 0450. This way you can see first hand the efficient company you are dealing with as well as hear for yourself the quality of our VoIP. We really do put our money where our mouth is.

Use Your Existing Number

Upon signing up, you will be allocated with a Voice number which you can use straight away. You can choose to transfer your existing voice line number over to your VoIP service and cancel your previous account. This will give you complete control over your account without the need to rely on the likes of Telkom any further.

Call Forwarding

Not anywhere near your VoIP phone? Not a problem. You can easily set when and where to divert any calls. If you are using one of our PBX offerings such as 3CX or Grandstream there are a lot of forwarding options for you to choose from.

International Roaming

Leaving the country for a while and want to make use of your VoIP service? It really is easy with our Multi VoIP service. All that our Voice service needs is a stable connection. You can choose up to 10 countries from where you will be able to make calls. Lets not forget the benefit of cheaper calling even when dialling another country.

Instant Control

With Multi IT and Telephony Solutions we take a proactive approach to IT and Telephony. This means you will never have to fear of running out of credit. We are also able to give you a instant fix should you reach your credit limit and need to extend it.

Itemised Call History

Our Multi IT & Telephony Solutions VoIP Solution offers you a complete break down of your calls including duration, incoming or outgoing to enable you to have complete control of your Telephone bill, further saving you money.

World Class Support and Services

We at Multi IT & Telephony Solutions pride ourselves on our services and as such take every step possible to ensure you never experience problems with any of our services. Through our proactive approach we ensure better continuity of service and less down time. Should something break beyond that we still offer award winning services to rectify any problem you may have or even answer any question you may have.

Leading Technology

Our core strength is the strength of our team and the investment we make into our technology offerings. By partnering with the leading data centre on the African continent we ensure best possible uptime and best possible quality for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it does not cost extra to dial or for someone to call your own 087 or 010 number – it incurs the same cost as a normal landline.
Get the most from VoIP with a Hosted 3CX PBX Phone System

MULTi IT & Telephony Solutions leading VoIP solution is designed with our Hosted 3CX PBX solution in mind to ensure uncompromised and best in class call clarity and quality.

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