It’s Time To Get Traction With Your People

It’s Time To Get Traction With Your People, People!

As many of you know, Multi IT & Telephony Solution is a long-term devotee of Gino Wickman’s “Traction.” This Entrepreneurial Operating System (“EOS”) helps you predict the 5 most common frustrations every entrepreneur and organization are bound to face:

  1. A lack of control over your time, the market or your company.
  2. Frustration with your people, whether that’s your employees, customers or partners. They don’t seem to listen to you or understand your frustrations.
  3. Not enough profit.
  4. Hitting the ceiling on your growth; no matter what you do, you can’t get to the next level
  5. Nothing is working. You’ve tried so many new strategies that your staff is numb to new initiatives.

EOS identifies six key Components of any organization – Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process and Traction.  Each is part of a system you can use to turn your business around, break through to the next level, and finally get control of your business AKA get traction. This month we will focusing on the People component for two reasons; we love our employees and we’ve been able to retain and develop strong employees by moving them around based on data gathered by following the Traction framework.

This idea is both simple and incredibly hard. Great leaders surround themselves with great people and make sure that they have the right people for the right jobs.  The right people share your company’s core values and would thrive in your culture. Once you’re confident you have selected the right people, it’s important to get them in the right seats. That means all of your people are operating according to their unique abilities and those abilities are clearly in line with their roles and responsibilities.

The EOS has some strong opinions about how the main roles in your organisation should be structured.  First, there are 3 main functions in your business – (1) sales and marketing, (2) operations, and (3) finance and administration.  Each of those functions must be strong.

Second, in any business there needs to be somebody who integrates the major functions of the business. This, not surprisingly, is called an Integrator. They have the unique ability to run the business and manage the day-to-day issues.

Third, in most entrepreneur-run organization, there is a final role of Visionary. This is usually the founder of the company. They are very creative, have a lot of ideas and solve big problems.

When a company is small, it’s ok to have the same people in more than one of the above roles, but typically a company doesn’t break through to the next level until they find people who are uniquely suited for sales, marketing, operations, finance and administration

They are uniquely suited for the each of the roles if they Get It, Want It, and have the Capacity to do it. This is known as the GWC filter and it’s critical that all three of those criteria are met.

Multi IT & Telephony Solutions CEO Kevin Corfield is our Visionary and has done a tremendous job of hiring the right people to implement his ideas.  Having the right integrator ensures that the right person is in the right seat. This might mean somebody gets moved from procurement to the service desk.  Or someone in professional services automation management might also take on a quality control role overseeing procurement because they are very detailed oriented and already knee deep in the system that manages all order fulfilment and timelines.  By aligning our employees’ skills, personal goals, talents and interests with Multi IT & Telephony Solution company goals, we are continuing to build a strong, collaborative workforce that translates to improved efficiency and quality of the customer experience in all aspects.  We love talking about “Traction” and welcome any inquires. Please get in touch with us and contact us if you would like to discuss any of the traction concepts or call us on 011 435 0450 in Johannesburg, 021 879 1950 in Cape Town and 031 331 0735 in Durban.

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