Internal threats: A new angle to email security

Internal threats: A new angle to email security

You know how important your email system is to your business. Not only is email your core communication tool, but also bears a lot of weight from the legal perspective and must be accessible at all times. You have a good email security system and also ensure your emails are always backed up, archived and stored safely. But what about keeping your email system safe from threats within your organization?

When it comes to email security, an oft-ignored, yet interesting angle to look into is–how to protect your email system from internal threats, like malicious intent of your own employees. There is the possibility that somebody who works for you could choose to corrupt your email system on purpose. You can avoid such instances from happening by constantly monitoring your employee’s IT behavior. You can do this by installing software programs that work to track employee access and activities related to access and sends alerts in case of unusual IT behavior. Examples of unusual IT behavior includes employees logging into work email at a time or day they are not expected to, sending attachments to email addresses that are outside of your organizational network, etc. Also invest in CCTV cameras and biometric access if you can. That will also serve as a deterrent to malicious employees.

Email is the most critical communication tool for your business, but it also has the potential to serve as an easy, backdoor entry for cybercriminals into your organization’s IT systems. When it comes to cybercrime, email is also one of the most commonly targeted elements. An email hack has the potential to translate into data leak, compromise sensitive vendor and client data leaving you vulnerable to lawsuits or install malware that can paralyze your business functions entirely.

If you don’t have the time to look into the security of your email system, consider seeking assistance from a MSP. They will be able to review your business requirement and suggest the right email security tool for you. They can also help you draft a sound IT policy if you don’t already have one and also conduct employee training and drills from the security perspective.

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