Information Security Threats for 2017

Information security threats in 2017 will be more persistent and damaging than ever before. You need to be prepared for the unknown.

This year could see an exponential rise in information security breaches that endanger the integrity and reputation of trusted organisations. The Information Security Forum, a global, independent information security body that focuses on cyber security and information risk management, forecasts these four key global security threats…

Unmanaged Risk from Devices

Everywhere you go, there are more and more connected and smart devices. Collectively known as the Internet of Things (IoT), they range from heart monitoring devices to fully interfaced smart homes.  The trouble is, these devices are relatively simple to hack. By embedding sensors everywhere, we’re greatly expanding the threat landscape.

Many businesses are unaware of the scale and penetration of internet-enabled devices and are deploying IoT solutions with little regard to risk management and security. Rather than doing away with them, it’s critical to think about where connected devices are used and what data they have access to, then build security measures around that.

You need to be eyes open and realistic about managing the application of IoT devices.


Criminal syndicates used to operate like start-up companies. Now, they’re starting to mimic large private sector organisations. They’re becoming extremely mature and sophisticated businesses. Many even operate as a service offering. While some have their roots in existing criminal structures, others focus purely on cybercrime. They specialise in particular areas ranging from writing malware to hosting services, testing, money mule services, and more.

You need to have advanced measures in place to protect your business against this growing sector.

New Regulations Bring Compliance Risk

Governments around the world are introducing, or being pressured to introduce, tighter data protection legislation. This in turn introduces new and unforeseen costs.

Your business needs to keep abreast of the changes in regulations across all jurisdictions you operate in. You then need to ensure you’re compliant with them. This means completely rethinking the way you collect and secure information.

Depending on the nature of the information being compromised, failure to comply could mean big fines – bigger than anything we’re used to.

Bull’s Eye on Brand Reputation and Trust

In 2017, sensitive corporate information and critical infrastructure has a bull’s eye painted on it.

Attackers are more organised, attacks are more sophisticated, and threats are more dangerous than ever before. Brand reputation and the trust dynamic that exists amongst customers, partners and suppliers have become targets for cybercriminals and hacktivists. We’re no longer merely talking about personal information and identity theft.

Your business needs to be aware of the more important trends that emerged in 2016, as well as those forecast in the year to come.

Bullet proof your organisation against information security threats

Now is the time to make your employees the strongest link in identifying and reacting to security threats. Successfully doing so requires an understanding of the various risks faced by employees in different roles, then tailoring their work processes to embed relevant security processes. Your ability to implement this will determine how this trend affects your organisation.

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