Your First Strategic Business Review: What to Expect

Your First Strategic Business Review: What to Expect

Congratulations on making the switch to Multi IT & Telephony Solutions! The Strategic Solutions Team is delighted you committed, and we can’t wait to deliver on our promise to ignite your digital transformation.

As technology is further integrated across your organisation, you develop increased operating leverage to deliver superior value to your clients.

This will not happen overnight, so we must set expectations and establish a meeting cadence to plan the work and work the plan.

Strategic Solutions Objectives: The Top Five

1 – To build a strong, trusted partnership

Every new client we acquire has at least one thing in common: the desire for a better relationship.

While Multi IT & Telephony Solutions leverages a lot of innovative technology that smaller IT providers and in-house IT departments cannot afford, it’s not our primary differentiator.

We tend to attract clients who value discernment. This character trait inspires us to sit on the same side of the table as our clients and truly understand their long-term goals before making recommendations.

Multi IT & Telephony Solutions is so much more than technical support and project services.

You probably got variations of that somewhere else, but now you’re here.

It’s time to get to know each other and broach the topic of setting up an IT Steering Committee.

This is the best way to make sure key stakeholders within your organization are part of the conversation, at least on a high level.

2 – To identify business conditions or issues for improvement

This phase of the journey should be called Discovery 2.0. We already have a detailed snapshot of your IT systems from our comprehensive sales/solution development process and onboarding. Now we need to address the moving picture. And team up with you to talk through the priorities.

Technology is ever-changing, and a lot can happen in the month or two since onboarding began. Our support team has been tracking all of these new developments through the following categories of ticket requests:

  • End-user technical support
  • Incident management
  • Alert response
  • Problem management
  • Technical questions or requests
  • Minor change requests

When you submit a ticket to our Service Desk by calling, emailing, or using Multi IT & Telephony Solutions Chat or Portal, you are dialled into a team that is maintaining the existing operational state of your technology and working on your requests in real-time.

They are also proactively responding to incidents created by automated monitoring platforms to solve issues before problems arise and force you to call the help desk.

Both activities unearth a massive volume of business intelligence which the Strategic Solutions Team uses to help you make data-driven decisions related to:

  • Analysing gaps in your business.
  • Calculating the risk and impact of the findings.
  • Taking the significant first step to keeping your budgeting and planning process on track with a detailed roadmap.

3 – To ensure your IT infrastructure meets minimum standards for compliance with industry best practices and applicable regulatory controls

Multi IT & Telephony Solutions takes a holistic approach to your digital estate and its symbiotic relationship to your particular industry’s regulation and compliance guidelines.

One hundred percent compliance is impossible since government policy changes tend to create a moving goalpost.

That’s why current, standards-based infrastructure and documentation is your best defense.

You decrease the likelihood of a disaster or data breach and lower your liability because you have evidence of due care.

Your Strategic Solutions Team provides Quarterly Executive Summaries and simplified scoring of assets under management and security monitoring.

The following snippet is from a new client.


There’s nowhere else to go but up from here. And there’s no time like the present for client collaboration.

4 – To assist with long-term planning and strategy to improve IT Return on Investment (ROI) over time

The previous section has an exhibit with a line item for Server and Network Warranty that only scored a 33%.

Warranties apply to mission-critical network systems such as web servers, mail servers, switches, and routers.

These devices affect multiple users, and therefore business can be seriously impacted when one of these critical services fails.

It is essential to have valid warranties for these critical systems as their warranties usually offer expedited resolutions.

Because this section failed to meet our expectations, further details were automatically added to the report.


Two expired Windows Servers provide a perfect example of technology that will be monitored, analysed, and reimagined through the course of any client relationship to improve ROI.

And the reimagining will probably happen sooner as opposed to later. With the worldwide exodus to the cloud, mentioning ROI in the same sentence with bare metal servers is starting to sound conspicuously counterintuitive.

5 – To increase your organization’s overall Operational Maturity Score (OMS)

Your OMS is a ranking between 0 and 100. And it goes beyond rating the sophistication of your IT operations. Its calculation is based on many factors:

  • How well developed are your organisation’s documented policies and procedures?
  • Does your organisation have well-defined one, three, and 5-year business plans?
  • Do you have a formal budgeting process?
  • Is your IT environment in compliance with industry best practices?
  • Is your IT security posture sufficient to protect against the ever-evolving threat landscape?
  • Is your staff operating at peak efficiency?
  • Are you in compliance with legally mandated regulatory requirements?
  • Are there other high-risk conditions that could result in interruption of business operations?

Companies with higher operational maturity scores grow faster, are more profitable, and are more attractive for sales generation, recruiting, investment, or M&A activity.

Our Strategic Solutions team will benchmark your OMS and track it over time so you can see the long-term benefits of our unique approach.

Next Steps!

The following Advisory services are included in your Managed Services Agreement:

  • Strategic Business Reviews
  • Participation in Board or Steering Committee meetings
  • Strategic Roadmaps (key recommendations categorised by business risk and impact)
  • Rough Order of Magnitude cost estimates to help with budgeting
  • If your organisation requires an expanded scope of Strategic Advisory engagement, you are entitled to priority booking of additional hours at a reduced rate.

Strategic Business reviews and QBRs provide a great platform for business growth and allowing everyone to get on the same page. If you would like to discuss your business in further detail, get in touch with us online or on the details below:

Johannesburg – +27(0)11 435 0450[email protected]
Cape Town – +27(0)21 879 1950[email protected]
Durban – +27(0)31 331 0735[email protected]

Namibia – +264(0)81 353 9702[email protected]

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