Virtualisation difference to cloud

Virtualisation is different from the cloud

Virtualisation and cloud computing can be confusing, especially to business owners who are not familiar with them. But when you understand their differences, you’ll be able to best take advantage of these technologies.


Imagine a company with five servers, each assigned a single task such as storage, email, etc. If there were a spike in email traffic, it would overwhelm the email server, causing it to slow down. Adding another server would solve this problem, but it would be expensive and inefficient on days with less traffic.

With virtualisation software, you can combine the resources of all five servers in our example. So if the email server gets bogged down, it can borrow resources from any of the other servers with extra capacity. The process is not as simple as it sounds, and businesses often turn to an experienced IT service provider to set up a virtualisation environment.

Because virtualisation software can be installed on a server in your office, it is totally independent of cloud technology. Sometimes, people misunderstand the difference because the vast majority of cloud solutions use virtualisation to improve their services.

Cloud computing
With cloud computing, users can edit documents, save files, and interact with apps that aren’t actually on their computer. Instead, they access these items by connecting to a server via a network or internet connection.

To carry out its purpose, a cloud platform sometimes uses several virtualised servers to provide users with a simple system that appears to be on its own, even though it’s actually shared with several other users and servers. There’s no need to purchase additional servers, and you can also save valuable office space by not having to deploy bulky equipment.

Obviously, scalability is critical in today’s ever-changing business conditions. Cloud computing makes it easier to manage business tasks to maximise productivity. And it helps streamline operations, as more cloud services are integrated. Businesses don’t have to worry about infrastructure maintenance because it is covered by the cloud service provider.

Virtualisation and cloud computing are both economical technologies that small businesses should take advantage of. If you want to see what they can do for you, Contact Multi IT Today or call us on 011 435 0450 to discuss your computing needs.

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