Networking allows a company and its individuals to quickly and easily store and access large volumes of information very cost effectively.

The aim is to improve performance, reliability and efficiency of the company and its devices. The information that is stored on the network can be shared or accessed by anyone with the authority to do so.

Multi also provides the firewalls and anti-virus for networks ensuring your network is as fast and reliable as the other products and services we offer.

The Benefits of Having a Multi Network

  1. Speed of access.
  2. Reliability.
  3. Maintenance.
  4. Reduction in Network degradation.
  5. Allocation of resources – the network used as a common resource.
  6. Networking does not require any software or licences and so is a cost effective method of meeting your requirements.
  7. Easy to use and extremely fast
  8. The Network can be managed from anywhere.
  9. Cost benefits due to increasing cost of other network services.

Networking Services and Support are also offered by Multi Managed Services