Managed Services is your Unlimited IT Solution for a Single Flat rate

Support When, Where and How you Want it

All our Managed Services in one single price conscious service

Comprehensive services for small, medium and large businesses

Business Growth

An IT partner that wants you to do well and will drive your business forward through Multi Managed Services

A Single Flat Rate

Fixed IT Budget, Unlimited Support, Secured Business Focus, No Unpredictable Costs, All from the advantage of knowing through Multi Managed Services

Complete peace of mind

We are your outsourced IT Partner and as such handle all your IT problems including vendors and third parties.

Increased Revenue and Reduced Cost

We are proactive in our IT approach and as such provide a host of ways to help you and your business make money and save money

Work with the Best

We are award winning managed services experts and can adapt to suit your business needs all for a low flat rate

At MULTi, we provide enterprise class IT services to small and medium businesses. Our fixed price Managed Services allows our clients to focus on their business, while we take care of their IT & Telephony — ensuring it operates optimally, is stable and secure, 24×7. Coupled with this, our strategic consulting and constant overview of the network completes a comprehensive service offering that is unparalleled. All your I.T. Requirements at a fixed price.

 Managed Services

Expertly Designed – A Perfect IT Service for every Company

Your Business Growth Partner through reduced and fixed IT services

Multi Bronze

Through our MULTi Bronze  Platform service, we implement the tools that enable our services, giving you more control over your IT & Telephony platform and granting you access to our expert resources for on-call remote assistance at reduced rates. Keep your finger on the pulse of your platform with our weekly and monthly reports conveniently emailed directly to you.

Enjoy the benefits of experts taking care of your IT & Telephony platform 24×7 and keeping it secure through regular patches and updates to named software with our MULTi Bronze Automation Service.

Multi Silver

multi supportRealize a key managed Services benefit of predictable support costs with our MULTi Silver service options:
MULTi Silver Remote – Provides fixed cost, proactive remote support and committed response times. In addition, our service desk staff will help your users with the common platform related “how do I ?” questions, ensuring they are always productive.
MULTi Silver Onsite – Fix the cost of all remote and onsite support with our MULTi Silver Onsite service. This provides maximum peace of mind . Your IT platform will be monitored, maintained and supported by our Network Operations Center (NOC). Service Desk and onsite technical teams. Providing you with a stable and optimized environment for your business systems.
In addition, as a value add to our clients, in the event of a disaster we provide our services at no additional charge to restore your ICT platform.

Multi Gold

Multi AssureMULTi Gold is our high value managed services which are coupled with the MULTi Silver services, through which clients are able to realize the benefits of our depth of expertise, specialist knowledge and insight into the value technology can bring to each different business scenario. By formalizing processes for strategic and technical consulting and oversight, we ensure you receive maximum value from your partnership with MULTi.

The MULTi Gold  Network Administrator role provides a skilled platform technician who is assigned responsibility for your site. Working in tandem with the Virtual CIO, this plays a pivotal operational role in making sure your network is maintained to international best practice standards, documentation up-dated and health and compliance aspects monitored. Critically, this role also aids the business IT contact / owner by identifying operational IT risks and forecasting any needed improvements.
Our MULTi Gold Virtual CIO role represents the highest level of value provided to our clients. In conjunction with the designated IT contact / owner in the business, to maintain good governance, this role provides strategic consulting, planning, budgeting and regular communication to ensure goals and road maps are adhered to, risks addressed and problems resolved.

The Multi Managed Service Matrix



(Server and Workstations)

(Everything is Managed)

Remote Maintenance Support

1 Hour Minimum

Unlimited Free Support

Unlimited Free Support

Onsite Maintenance Support (at your office)

1 Hour Minimum

1 Hour Minimum

Unlimited Free Support
Remote Project Labour

1 Hour Minimum

1 Hour Minimum

1 Hour Minimum

Onsite Project Labour

1 Hour Minimum

1 Hour Minimum

1 Hour Minimum

Remote After Hours Support

1 Hour Minimum

1 Hour Minimum

1 Hour Minimum

Onsite After Hours Support

Not Available

1 Hour Minimum

1 Hour Minimum

Short-Notice Emergency Service
(onsite or remote, any time of day)

1 Hour Minimum

1 Hour Minimum

1 Hour Minimum

Technology Roadmap Process
(Business Plan and Process Management for Technology)




Free Remote Monitoring of Server Critical Functions
Free Off-Site Remote Server Monthly Maintenance
Free Remote Server Phone Support per Calendar Month

2 Hours Per Month



Continuous and Preventative Maintenance of Servers
(updates, patches, fixes, etc.)
Continuous and Preventative Maintenance of Workstations
(updates, patches, fixes, etc.)
Free First 3 hours of labour for each new workstation added to network
Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spamming on all E-Mail
Free Virus Scanning on all covered Machines
Access to our emergency helpline service monitored 24/7
Free Maintenance of network equipment (Configuration & Software)
and maintenance of relationship with ISP
Free Maintenance of network printers and other network
attached equipment (Configuration & Software)

Multi Managed Services Video and Brochure

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You can view our Managed Services Brochure here or by clicking the image below

Some Benefits to you using Multi Managed Services

An Increase in Revenue

A Reduction in IT Costs

Increased Efficiency

Increased Productivity

Increased Mobility

An Increase In Business Intelligence

Better Maintenance

Increased Security

Constant Monitoring

Favorable Service Level Agreements

Intelligent Asset Management

Reports sent to You

Quarterly Business Reviews

Single Flat Rate

Unlimited Support

Remote Support

 Onsite Support

 Cloud Services

 Only Paying for What you Need

Stable Systems through our Proactive Approach

Let us show you how we can take your business from where it is now to some place extraordinary tomorrow