Managed Security Services is one of the five pillars of our Managed Services Plan.

Although many organizations have implemented powerful antivirus software and other security measures, malicious software and computer breaches continue to make headlines. As hackers and other criminals have become increasingly cognizant of the incredibly lucrative potential of stolen data and other hijacked assets, they have become progressively more sophisticated in their approaches.

For example, multi-stage attacks involving numerous, peripherally connected companies are becoming more common. These often use clever mechanisms that mimic corporate communications and fool company employees and systems, leaving the firm and its assets totally vulnerable.

Companies that wish to protect against the potential catastrophic damage that can be wrought by theft of client data, intellectual property, and other important assets are accepting that deploying antivirus software on each computer—even in tandem with robust firewalls—is no longer sufficient.

To help its clients address this rapidly shifting and increasingly dangerous threat landscape, InterDev has developed methodologies and tactics utilizing industry-leading solutions that provide staunch protection inside and out, yet facilitate the employee productivity and outside access corporations need to conduct business successfully.

For a comprehensive security assessment we will identify your weak points and develop a realistic action plan for remediation and ongoing monitoring to combat tangible threats and emerging vulnerabilities.

Our Managed IT & Security Services provide comprehensive and advanced protection, at competitive prices, to help manage threat levels, protect information systems and build IT assurance. Multi IT & Telephony Solutions has decades of experience designing, implementing, and monitoring robust, cost-effective security solutions at all levels—from assessing and mitigating vulnerabilities to auditing both the theory and reality of security policies and procedures.

Even Fortune 100 firms and major governments with seemingly impenetrable defenses are learning that they are engaged in a survival war with attackers that have a never-ending stream of inventive, destructive tactics to deploy against them. With Multi IT Managed Security Services at your side, you’re ready to do battle.

Complete Defense

At the core of Multi Managed Security offering is Complete Defense, a methodology of prevention, detection and response. Using this methodology, Multi IT helps its clients build an iron-clad shield to prevent breach of the website, network and resources, aggressively monitor the network to detect even the hint of penetration, and respond swiftly and strategically to limit any potential damage.

Defense In Depth also includes constant scrutiny to prevent internal breaches, from the accidental downloading of malicious material by staff to intentional sabotage by disgruntled former employees.

Multi Security Services incorporate:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Prevention & Detection Systems (IPS/IDS)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Managed Anti- Spyware
  • Managed Anti-Malware
  • Risk-Based Security Auditing
  • Security Policy and Procedure Development
  • A Detailed report containing your monthly threats and status
  • All Security Services Managed through our highly skilled team of IT Experts.

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