We All know how important it is to save, but saving used to be hard. Now with the many Backup and Off Site Storage options we offer at Multi, saving has become easy and effortless.

The Multi Backup

Storage serverBackup storage and business continuity are a vital to business success. With the Multi backup your company can be safeguarded against the ever increasing threats out there.

The Main objective of the Multi backup plan is to save your key and critical data before disaster strikes. The Multi backup plan is developed and maintained according to your business requirements.

Multi Cloud Storage

We offer a unique cloud Solution to all our customers providing them a tailored cloud solution. This allows them to pay for the exact size of of the storage needed. Saving them money by not paying for storage they don’t need.

Our Unique Solution provides for Desktop, Notebook and various Server backups. There is no limit to the Size of the backup or the amount of machines you wish to backup.

The Benefits of the Multi Backup to any Organization

  1. Prevent financial loss. Not being able to access vital sales information such as contacts and telephone numbers and leaving you with the inability to be able to generate sales, even if it’s just for 24 hours can be catastrophic. This will not only impact upon revenue streams but can have a major impact upon cash flow.
  2. A backup and recovery system (as part of an effective disaster recovery program) can prevent loss of credibility and goodwill.
  3. A backup and recovery system will eliminate the loss of important operational information such customer records and financial information.
  4. A backup and recovery system as part of a disaster recovery plan may ensure that legislation and compliance issues are adhered to. Many organisations have to comply with strict codes of conduct or face being fined. These include banks and other financial services organisations as well as legal practices and organisations that retain medical records.

The Benefits of Multi Cloud Storage

  1. Email Large Attachments
  2. Sync Critical Data Between Computers
  3. Start Torrents Away From Your Computer
  4. Sync Your Phone With Your Computer
  5. Create a Simple Social Network
  6. Have Applications That Sync From Desktop To Desktop
  7. Minimize The Amount of Storage Taken Up on Your Computer
  8. Easily Configure New Computers By Syncing Script/Text Files
  9. Easily Side Load Apps on Android or iPhone
  10. Back Up!

Backup & Off-Site Storage Services and Solutions are also offered as Part of Multi Managed Services