Using Managed Services To Drive Efficient IT

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Enterprises moving to a managed services model to achieve greater efficiencies, reduce operational costs and improve service level agreements (SLA) may be at risk of not realizing expected ROI. A poorly designed balance of people, process and technology will increase the probability of reduced business benefit or even outright failure of the initiative.

An optimum managed services environment is able to apply the right technology tools to automate key processes and activities in a predictable fashion ensuring people are more efficient and effective while providing insight into services and managing to pre-defined SLAs.

Download this whitepaper to discover how to properly support your people and processes. There is a requirement for an underlying framework of tools that enable automation, provide insight and extend the capability of IT to implement and manage SLA commitments. Integrating a suite of management technologies that enable monitoring, workflow, insight, self-service and collaboration across subject matter experts with varying skill-sets is a critical success factor.

multi managed services

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