Opera 41

Opera 41 for high browsing speed

The internet’s impact on people’s lives keeps growing by the day. People use the web for different reasons and access it any time, and the availability of smart gadgets makes it possible for the people to enjoy the internet from any location. However, the resourcefulness of the internet can be hindered by having a slow web browser. Fortunately, a modern and highly efficient browser like Opera 41 guarantees you fast connectivity to the internet.

The newest browser in the market, Opera 41 promises to take your browsing experience to new levels. It has the following features that guarantee a pleasant experience online:

Multiple tabs
Opera 41 has a wonderful start-up sequence. Upon launching the browser, it automatically opens the tab you were using the last time you were online.

Pinned tabs will then open along with any others depending on priority. This process is performed at a very high speed no matter how many tabs you have opened. It has been tested and found that the time taken to open tabs using Opera 41 has improved by 86 percent when compared to other browsers with similar features.

Longer battery life
Older versions of the Opera had features that enhanced the life of the battery. The new Opera 41 does it again with features built to be less demanding on the hardware, ensuring your device doesn’t need charging any time soon.

The same function is used when on chat using WebRTC. If your device is on battery-saving mode, Opera will use video codec. This arrangement ensures the resources on your system are used efficiently, thus extending battery life.

Additional benefits:

  • The pixel count increases the usage of your CPU on the screen. Opera 41 reduces the pixel count on your screen, thereby saving the usage of your CPU when the battery-saving mode is connected.
  • The pop-out video has been in use since its introduction in May. This feature is available in Opera 41 and allows you to access content sites such as YouTube and view them in a different window.
  • Because Opera 41’s browser pop-out video feature also reduces the use of CPU resources by up to 30 percent, your CPU will also last longer and run more efficiently.

Despite being relatively new, Opera 41 has features that make browsing more enjoyable. The achievements made so far show that it has the potential to change how people access the internet. For more information about how Opera 41 can positively impact your online experience, please contact Multi IT & Telephony Solutions.

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