OneDrive for business and O365 basics

OneDrive for business is Microsoft’s cloud storage and sharing solution. Similar to all leading competitors such as Dropbox, OneDrive for business offers you all the standards cloud storage capabilities with the added benefit of one of the worlds most secure data centres. With version control, sharing and collaboration capabilities it is no wonder that OneDrive for business is gaining in popularity for business users.

Multi IT has put together a short presentation together to enable you to get the most out of your OneDrive for Business.

[slideshare id=75046942&doc=office365andonedrive-170415122610]

Why OneDrive for business?

OneDrive for business is already included in most O365 solutions and is made to work with the office applications you are currently utilising. This doesn’t mean OneDrive for business is limited to only storing Microsoft applications as you can store any file type you want to. As the slides have explained with version control, collaboration, sharing and security there is no real downside. Microsoft may have come to the party a little later than most other cloud storage solutions with OneDrive but they certainly made a complete cloud offering to make up for it. With ample storage space (1TB for most users) it is no wonder businesses are seeing the benefit of OneDrive for business and are encouraging staff to use it over the unsecured competitors.

How Multi IT can help

Multi IT & Telephony solutions are CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) premium partners and as such offer all the various Microsoft cloud offerings. Most people understand this to simply be Office 365, while it is part of the offerings it is not the whole offering. There are multiple offerings that can enable your business to reach even greater heights and live up to its full potential that you may not even be aware of. We are here to help no matter what offering you wish to use, be it Microsoft dynamics or O365 we can guide you in what is right for you business. Contact Multi IT today to discus your Microsoft requirements now.

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