MULTi IT upgrading Systems

MULTi IT Upgrades our Core Systems

We at Multi IT & Telephony Solutions believe technology is key to performance. As your trusted IT partner we make sure our technology does what it should: move your business forward and offer the world’s leading support and IT Services. With this MULTi is partnering with ConnectWise to offer a truly unified solution to bring value to our clients like never before. ConnectWise is the world’s leading software platform for IT solution providers, and after having carefully evaluated many IT platforms we wanted to bring the best possible tools to our clients to drive their business forward through technology.

With more than 35 years of experience as a managed service provider, MULTi IT & Telephony Solutions builds bespoke, tailored IT solutions for SMBs in various industries throughout Southern Africa.

Operating in various locations and countries in Southern Africa, MULTi IT requires a unified solution for all departments and locations to communicate effectively and deliver unmatched services and support to our clientsMULTi IT is deploying the full suite of ConnectWise programs, including Manage, the worlds leading IT PSA tool, Automate, the worlds leading RMM tool and ITBoost, the worlds leading IT Documentation Solution. To streamline operations.After implementing ConnectWise successfully in Namibia, MULTi IT noticed a 25% increase in resolution time and a 40% decrease in problem reoccurrence. The collaborative, seamlessly synched environment has given the MULTi IT team everything we need to be more productive, more efficient, and ready to support our clients.

Rapid resolution ensures customer satisfaction

The ConnectWise platform is a brilliant service. It just works quietly 24/7, without aggravation, the way it should be. If there’s an infrastructure problem on Saturday evening, you don’t wait for it to have an impact on Monday morning—it gets fixed Saturday evening. ConnectWise Managed provides responsiveness for user support. If we breach our service desk SLAs, we’re in trouble. With our ConnectWise Manage platform, 85% of tickets are resolved within half an hour on first contact. ConnectWise’s ease of use and great customer experience make people more likely to report issues right away, before the problem grows, which also minimises frustration. Prompt, reliable patching for desktops and servers helps prevent many issues from arising in the first place. The AI capability of the Automate platform has been invaluable—we can take a proactive maintenance approach to fix problems that haven’t occurred yet. We have customers running years-old infrastructure with no server issues at all. With MULTi IT resources and platforms we can keep those investments viable.

Cost-efficient service delivery helps clients grow

With the ConnectWise platform, powering our services, MULTi IT & Telephony Solutions can focus more on our customers and helping them achieve their businesses objectives more easily. We can do more engaging with our clients and focusing on their business needs. ConnectWise has been a strong contributing factor to MULTi IT & Telephony Solutions success.

MULTi IT solves uniquely African problems with ConnectWise

To meet the needs of our customers, we have to manage and support a broad range of technologies and services. The ConnectWise platform gives us industry leading platforms and tools that matter to our customers. We’ve also found that we can spend less time monitoring and managing technology, and more time engaged with customers. The reliability of MULTi IT & Telephony Solutions ConnectWise-powered services helps keep client conversations productive. Instead of talking about infrastructure problems, we’re talking about how to increase your IT operational maturity and achieve digital transformation, because the service just works.

Looking ahead

MULTi IT & Telephony Solutions is currently working to expand its presence in security. As our key partner, the fact that ConnectWise provides a strong security offering as part of an integrated platform is quite valuable. ConnectWise Endpoint Security incorporates industry-leading capabilities at a good price point.

As MULTi IT & Telephony Solutions continues to grow and evolve, its ConnectWise relationship provides a strong platform for success. “Having a really strong partner lets us focus on internal core-value services like digital transformation and the journey to cloud, so we can explore new ways to help our customers drive competitive advantage with IT and move their business forward through technology.

The ConnectWise Unified Platform

ConnectWise is an IT software company empowering Technology Solution Providers to achieve their vision of success in their As-a-Service business with intelligent software, expert services, an immersive IT community, and a vast ecosystem of integrations. The unmatched flexibility of the ConnectWise platform fuels long-term growth for our Partners. With an innovative, integrated, and security-centric platform, ConnectWise enables MSPs like MULTi IT & Telephony Solutions to drive business efficiency with business automation, IT documentation, and data management capabilities, and increase visibility with fully integrated remote monitoring, security, and backup disaster recovery technologies. 

Want to know more?

There are so many exciting features of our upgraded system that we would love to share with you. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss further.

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