iTunes Scam Text Messages Spreading Malware

The latest iTunes Scam has been reported. Malicious individuals are reportedly sending scam text messages claiming to be from Apple’s music service iTunes to a large number of people. The message is believed to claim the recipient’s iTunes account has been frozen and asks them to click on a link to ‘validate their [iTunes] account’.

However, people who click on the link are exposing their phone to malware that may be used to steal personal or financial information.

What to do if you feel you have fallen victim to this iTunes Scam

If you receive one of these messages, you should delete it. Do not click on any links included in the message.

If you do inadvertently click on such a link, advise key service providers such as banks, private companies and government agencies, and change all usernames and passwords associated with your accounts. Ask your service providers to monitor your accounts for evidence of suspicious activity.

In addition, you should confirm that all operating systems and applications are up to date, and you are running the latest security software.

If you are unsure about activity associated with your iTunes account, log in directly to the official Apple iTunes website and check for any alerts or messages there.

We would also strongly recommend that you subscribe to the Alert Service provided by to keep updated with the latest cyber threat information.

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