How a Mobile VoIP Client Can Benefit Businesses of All Sizes

Small, medium and large businesses may not have much in common, but one thread that currently runs through companies of all sizes is an increase in mobile working. Whether you own a start-up and are frequently meeting with venture capitalists to seek funding, or you travel the world to make sales for a large corporation, staying in touch with clients and colleagues has never been more important.

For the increasing number of businesses using IP-PBX, a top-shelf mobile VoIP client can be extremely beneficial. These solutions allow employees to take their extensions with them so that any call that comes into that employee’s office line automatically rings on a mobile phone. These portable extensions allow employees to stop giving out their mobile numbers without fear of missing important calls.

Best-in-class IP-PBX vendors offer clients for both Android and VoIP, meaning employees won’t have to get rid of a phone they love to reap the benefits of enhanced business mobility. These providers also offer calling over 3G or Wi-Fi, which makes communications reliable from almost anywhere. Additionally, calls between colleagues on the same system are free, even if they are placed or received from a mobile phone—a particularly attractive benefit for smaller businesses with fewer resources.  Best-in-breed clients also offer features like:

  • Email that can be configured remotely
  • Easy conference calling from mobile phones
  • The ability to post status to “available,” “away” and “out of office” from a smartphone
  • PUSH notifications that help conserve mobile battery life
  • The ability to see presence of colleagues from a mobile screen

Whether your company employs five, 50 or 500 people, flexible, reliable mobile communications are critical in today’s business world. The question is: How mobile is your business?

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