Customising search results

Customising search results for your brand

For businesses of any size, getting on the first page of Google search results is important to drive traffic to the website. Although most search engine optimises will focus more on getting organic results, the limitation of this approach is that it only reaches users looking for a particular service and not your specific brand. For those looking for tips on how to advertise services as well as brand identity, we have a few tricks. These tips will help you in customising search results for your brand.

Customising search results

One of the ways you can improve your branded search visibility is by ensuring your brand name is mentioned multiple times throughout your site. Make sure to link the brand name to the homepage of your website, include the brand name in descriptions of the company, and add meta descriptions to the site.

Because Google’s site indexing service is completely automated, just about anyone should be listed in the results. The goal isn’t getting listed, it’s getting listed first. Little things like placing your sitemap in an easy-to-find location, including descriptive titles, and always filling out meta descriptions to increase the chances of your brand links appearing on the search pages.

The role of Social Media

Social media may technically be a different story, but it works hand-in-hand in today’s search engine optimisation efforts. These pages are very likely to be listed when customers are making ‘brand’ searches. Make sure you maintain profiles at every “big” social media site, and add as much information as you can concerning your brand identity. Because the ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your site, link to your website in every field that allows it.

Your reviews are very important

Lastly, Google business reviews are more important in getting branded search results than most people realise. Claim your business on Google My Business and frequently encourage your top customers to leave positive reviews concerning your brand. The more positive reviews your website has, the higher your site will appear in the rankings.

All things Google and Web

SEO is important for business, but so is creating a brand identity. An intersection of these goals may seem difficult, but not impossible. For more information on SEO, customising search results for your brand and anything related to your Google search rankings, contact Multi IT & Telephony Solutions today. Having a website in today’s digital world is critical for business success, talk to us about getting your you business online if you need a website.

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