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Apple Watch – Taking your productivity to the next level

The Apple Watch is the very first in line of smart “wearables”, while still not perfected as yet the Apple Watch can still dramatically increase your productivity in everyday situations.

Remember the ’90s when people had their hands full with Filofaxes and PalmPilots, desperately trying to be organised and productive? Nobody could imagine back then that anything smaller could get the job done. But now there’s a smart watch that does everything those ancient devices used to do, and so much more – like take calls and even summon an Uber.

Apple Watch is more than just a pretty face. It’s quite a serious workhorse. It’s a diary, personal assistant, reminder and communication device whether you’re on the go or in a meeting. It also comes with multiple social and travel functions, and you can wear it in so many ways.

You’ll love it because with Apple Watch you can:

  • Receive calls and messages, and send quick messages;
  • Send quick voice messages to other Apple Watch users;
  • use some of your favourite apps designed especially for your timepiece, like Uber, Maps, Shazam, Weather and banking options;
  • Get notifications from all calendar entries, access Instagram and photo galleries;
  • Access notes and lists you composed with the Notes app on your iPhone or Mac via iCloud;
  • Use your favourite travel apps and be guided by Maps to places (or meetings) in cities you’re unfamiliar with;
  • Have Siri with you wherever you go – using the watch’s mic, you can dictate a text or ask questions, set a reminder to call a colleague, make a lunch reservation or submit a report;
  • Choose from a range of watches: Sport, Watch or Edition. Choose the case (colour of the face): stainless steel, rose gold, space grey, gold, black or silver. Choose straps with which to dress your watch up or down: sport, aluminium, nylon or Hermès-style.

Apps you’ll love:

  • Declutter and get organised with Clear (R99,99)
  • Capture ideas, thoughts and memos on the go and sync across all your devices with Just Press Record (R59,99)
  • Sync your tasks with Google and across your Apple devices with TasksPro (R119,99)
  • Start a draft through Siri dictation and send it to your inbox with Drafts 4 (R199,99)

(These apps are specially designed for Watch to enhance the experience and usability. Search for them and download them via your Apple Watch app.)

Where to get your Apple Watch

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*Originally published on You online.

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