10 ways to impress at your next meeting


We have all had it. The famous first meeting nerves. Either as a child on your very first date, or as an adult on your very first job interview.

Meetings are a vital part of everyone’s lives and making a positive impression and impact at that meeting is critical to your future plans. Whether it is a business meeting, job interview or simply a meeting with colleagues these tips will help you stand out and achieve. So in a brief 10 ways list, here are some points to remember for your next meeting.
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  1. Prepare in Advance
    Preparation is key! you’ve heard it a thousand times before and that’s because its true. Being prepared gives you an edge over anyone, whether its being more knowledgeable, being able to respond quicker or giving you confidence, it all comes through preparation.
  2. State your objectives before hand
    You know what you want to say, do and accomplish from this meeting, but do they? A little communication before the meeting goes a long way in the success of that meeting.
  3. Arrive Early
    There are only 2 reasons a person is late for the interview. They are either dead or they dont care. Arriving early gives the impression you value that persons time and gives you the hidden benefit of preparing better for the meeting. giving you time to think about what to say and what to discuss.
  4. Be Presentable
    You are about to enter an impressive meeting where everyone will be blown away by what you say. dont let the way you are dressed distract them from the message you are trying to deliver. Your presentation is a package that starts from your first impression and like it or not the way you dress will be judged.
  5. Understand the other people in the meeting
    Regardless of the success or position of the person they will have personal interests and personal likes and dislikes. Knowing these will help you connect to that person, thus leaving them with a positive impression not only about the meeting but about you as well.
  6. Bring something to the table
    This is a deal breaker. If you are able to find out the names of the people involved in the meeting and are able to present them each with their own personalized document with their name on it your meeting is already half way to success. Even if you dont know their names make sure you bring something along, a paper and pen just to take notes also goes a long way.
  7. Make eye Contact
    Looking the person in the eye will help you to connect with them on a personal level. It shows confidence and that you are paying attention to what they are saying, all of which gains admiration and respect.
  8. Try get an in depth understanding of their business or them.
    In today’s world you need an edge. The competition is tougher and more ruthless than ever. You need something to separate you from the competition, this is where your knowledge of them or their business puts you clear of everyone else. Having just something that no one else knows about is the difference between success and failure. That something gives you the edge and makes you invaluable.
  9. Commit and show enthusiasm
    Highest energy always wins. Its ok to get excited, its actually better than ok, its good! People love to see you are passionate about what you are doing and excited to be there. Them seeing your enthusiasm and excitement will make them feel more comfortable with the commitment you are about to do following on from the meeting.
  10. Follow up and Follow Through
    You have just had a brilliant meeting and are feeling on top of the world. its important to share that feeling with the people you just committed to. You need to follow up, a simple email thanking them for their time and stating everything you are about to do will help you and them to build a long lasting relationship.

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